EUP6 & EUP11 Open Flued Gas Water Heaters

EUP6 & EUP11 Open Flued Gas Water Heaters

Our transition into the future of heating and hot water has resulted in the discontinuation of the current open flued water heaters as the focus of our business changes direction.

We will continue to stock replacement parts for warranty and maintenance purposes, and in addition we will also continue to stock and sell our current room sealed water heaters (EUP11RS & EUP11RSVERT ) as an alternative.

Please be aware that we stock a large amount of spares which can be used to repair an existing appliance for the majority of cases, below are the appliances this covers:

5 / 6 litre Models 11 litre Models
D51B G101B
D61B G111E
D61E G11E
MP6 MP11

We apologise to customers who have been waiting for an update regarding future supply, time frames have been difficult due to continuous challenges within our supply chain.