Decarbonising Heating and Hot Water


To assist the caravan industry in understanding renewable energy options, Morco Products is working with the LPG industry to discuss the topic of bio LPG and other alternative energy sources. Additionally, we are working in partnership with our current boiler supplier who is an international leader in the use of the latest technologies in the gas sector, as well as in renewable energies and the efficient use of electrical solutions for supplying the market for heating and hot water. With this input it will help assist the National Caravan Council Renewable Energy Working Group through this journey. Morco Products have access to a variety of experts from a technical and legislative perspective which will allow us to update the caravan industry accordingly.

As we look towards a more sustainable future Morco Products is also committed to continuing to supply spares for obsolete appliances for as long as possible. The majority of parts can still be purchased for nearly all of the appliances we have sold since 1999 and some are still held for water heaters sold prior to that.

Morco Environmental Policy

Morco Health and Safety Policy