Extended Warranty

Morco offer an extended warranty on Morco combination boilers in the form of a service contract which can be renewed annually at a current cost of £150 (including VAT) per year.

Summary of Cover

The duration of cover is 1 year which includes breakdown cover and an annual safety and maintenance inspection. Please note this is not a boiler service and if you wish to have your boiler serviced you will need to arrange this with either the engineer who does the inspection or another engineer of your choice. Servicing is recommended annually.

Benefits include:

  • a free annual safety & maintenance inspection
  • no call-out or labour charges after 1st inspection
  • no parts charge after 1st inspection
  • no limit to number of call-outs or cost of parts

A unique service contract number enables connection to our fully trained customer service team who will deal with all calls in a professional and effective manner giving advice or arranging a service call.

The response time is usually 1 – 3 working days (subject to engineer availability). 

What is Covered?

All Morco combination boiler models from the FEB24E onwards (excluding the FEB24HE & CPM), installed in a Caravan Holiday Home or Residential Park Home sited in mainland Great Britain and sited on a bone fide UK park. The appliance must be in a satisfactory working order prior to application. For the avoidance of doubt GB does not include Eire or Isle of Wight.

What is not Covered?

  • Morco water heaters
  • boiler de-scale
  • frost damage
  • boilers installed outside mainland Great Britain
  • any unauthorised additions and adjustments made to the boiler
  • any boiler in a damaged or faulty condition or with an inadequate gas or water supply which prevents proper functioning.

Please click on the links to download and print the application form and the full terms and conditions. 

Extended Warranty Application Form

Direct Debit Form

Extended Warranty Terms and Conditions


If you have any further questions regarding extended warranty, please contact us.