Our standard warranty period is two years from date of commission for the GB boilers and one year for the FEB models and all water heaters. If the appliance is an original fitment in a brand-new caravan holiday home, any problems within the standard warranty period will need to be reported to point of sale for the holiday home, for example the park or dealer. There is no requirement to register warranty with Morco.

If the below information can be provided this will help speed up the process:

  • Model Number of the Appliance - e.g. EUP6 or GB24 IV etc.
  • Description of the problem - e.g. appliance fails to ignite or central heating works but no hot water 
  • The fault code, if the appliance has an LCD display

For any appliances which are not original fitments in holiday homes, we would usually recommend asking the commissioning engineer to reattend and call our technical helpline from in front of the appliance. Any issues not resolved this way will need to be reported to whoever the appliance was purchased from. Please note we may ask for a copy of the commissioning certificate in these cases. Warranty on appliances which were not fitted into holiday homes at manufacture is parts and advice.

For more information regarding the warranty on individual appliances, please click on the relevant link below:

GB24/GB30 IV - page 41

GB24/GB30 Series III - page 41

EUP11RS/EUP11RSVERT - page 18

EUP6/EUP11 - page 9

If the appliance is out of warranty, then we suggest visiting our help articles page and reading the relevant article for the relevant appliance. If the solution is not apparent then please click here to visit the Gas Safe Register to find an engineer. We recommend narrowing down the options under Find by Location and Choose Engineer to LPG/Cylinder and then choosing the appropriate category from the dropdown menu, for example Caravans.

If you have any further questions regarding our warranty, please contact us.