Q : Do I need to register my new Morco combination boiler?

Ans : No. Our standard warranty is two years from date of commission for the GB boilers and one year for the FEB models. If your boiler is an original fitment in a caravan holiday home, any problems within the standard warranty period will need to be reported to your point of sale. For any appliances which are not original fitments in holiday homes i.e. retrofit, any issues will need to be reported to whoever you purchased the appliance from. Please note we may ask for a copy of the commissioning certificate in these cases.

Q :Is my boiler using too much gas?

Ans :1. The efficiency of a boiler is measured by the flue gas analysis reading which is part of the boiler commissioning process. This can be verified by discussing the reading with your commissioning engineer. 2. The consumption of gas used also depends on how much the heating and hot water is used and at what time of year.

Q : Do you offer an Extended Warranty on your combination boilers?

Ans : We do have an Extended Warranty service available - please see the Extended Warranty section accessed via the navigation bar on the left hand side.

Q : How do I return an item I no longer require?

Ans : If you wish to return an item to us, please contact our sales office via phone (01482 325456) or email for a Morco Returns Number. Please see our Terms & Conditions for our full Returns Policy.

Terms and Conditions

Q : Do I have to login to be able to order with you?

Ans : Yes, if you are a Trade Customer or Engineer – use log in details provided. If you are not a Trade Customer or Engineer, you do not need to log in

Q : My combination boiler keeps losing pressure, what should I do?

Ans : There are a number of reasons for this to happen, please see the information sheet below for some tips on how to deal with this.

Low Central Heating System Pressure

Q : Why is my combination boiler noisy?

Ans : This is most often caused by too much or too little anti-freeze. Please read the information sheet below on noisy boilers for more details.

Noisy Combination Boilers

Q : Does my combination boiler have frost protection?

Ans : Please see the information sheet below for details on how to ensure your holiday home is correctly winterised.

Winterisation Central Heating

Q : I want to replace my existing water heater, which model should I fit?

Ans : Please see the information sheet below which details the options available.

Retrofitting or Upgrading a Water Heater

Q : I want to replace my FEB model with a GB24, can I use the same flue?

Ans : No, a new flue and new fitting kit would be required. Please see the Related Items section under the GB24 SII boiler for the flue options.

Q : Why isn't the time clock on my combination boiler working?

Ans : This is often because it has not been correctly set. Please check the user instructions for your boiler which will explain how to set your time clock correctly, including setting it to the current time.

Q : What kind of thermostats can I fit with my boiler?

Ans : Please see the information sheet below which outlines the different types of thermostat we can supply.

Thermostats, Programmers and TRVs

Q : Can I fit a thermostat controlled via the internet to my GB24 combination boiler?

Ans : We do not stock internet thermostats but a company called Salus Controls supply one which has been tested by us and works with our GB range: Salus iT500 BM Internet Thermostat Boiler Module and RXBC605 plug in receiver. To contact Salus for more information please see www.salus-controls.com or call on 01226 323961. In order to use this thermostat, the park will need to have wifi. Most Holiday Homes do not have a router so you will need a wifi extender to ensure full functionality.

Q : Do you offer training on your appliances?

Ans : We provide free product training in a purpose built training and development facility to enhance Morco product and industry knowledge. If you would like to receive an invitation to our training, please contact us. Training dates and released in October and range from December to January. Please see our News section for more details.

Q : Do you recommend treatment of the central heating water?

Ans : We recommend that antifreeze/inhibitor is added to your central heating circuit to protect against frost and corrosion. This is usually done at the point of manufacture but will need checking regularly by an engineer. The type of antifreeze/inhibitor supplied by Morco is Fernox Alphi 11.

Fernox Data Sheet

Q : The digital display on my FEB24 combination boiler keeps alternating between a6 and Ua but this is not in the manual, what does it mean?

Ans : This is the boiler’s way of saying AGUA which is the Spanish for water and is a fault code. If you have this code, we would recommend getting a Gas Safe engineer out to the boiler. If they have any difficulties, please ask them to call us whilst they are in front of the boiler. If you need a Gas Safe Registered engineer, please click on the ‘Find an Engineer’ link in the navigation bar on the left hand side.

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