Energy Saving Devices

The devices listed below are designed to use less energy by controlling and regulating the consumption of water and gas whilst maintaining a good comfort level for the end user. Each one can be retrofitted.

Boost Thermostats

If you are a park with hire fleet holiday homes, you will know that certain customers who aren’t conscious about the environment or your running costs will turn the heating on full upon arrival and open the windows to then leave for the day. Over this time the boiler will be running and using gas and electricity unnecessarily.

The Morco boost stat is designed to combat this scenario. It is cleverly designed to control the temperature of the holiday home and the length of time it is on for. Below is how it works:


·         Click the up arrow up to max heat and the stat will control the temperature in the room it is installed in to 23 degrees for two hours. You can reduce the temperature during this time down to ‘comfort heat’ if it is too hot at max by clicking the down arrows.


·         If the controls are not used again, the heating will drop back to 18 degrees for ten hours. After ten hours have passed and the controls have still not been used, the stat will go in to frost mode.


·         If the room that the stat is installed in is warmer than the setting you have chosen, it will not turn the heating on because the temperature has already been achieved by natural heat.


During any of the time frames the controls can be used to re start each heating cycle. For example, if the stat is five hours in to the ten hour period of 18 degrees, the end user can select ‘max heat’ and it will start the heating cycle again taking it back to 23 degrees for two hours, alternatively the heating can be switched off at any point.

Reported savings from major hire fleet parks for gas is in the region of 20%. The stat is hard wired to the boiler, therefore the wires will need to drop down the back of the wall, through the floor and run underneath the chassis to then enter back through the floor in to the boiler cupboard. This stat is compatible for all the Morco GB24 / GB30 range. A qualified electrician will need to install these in the lounge on a wall at chest height with no obstructions or above a radiator to ensure it works correctly.

Combi Smart

If your holiday home has a combi boiler you will notice that when you open a hot tap or your shower you have to wait for the hot water to arrive whilst watching litres of cold water disappear through the drain hole. This process uses and wastes considerable amounts of water and energy ultimately costing more money.

What does this device do? As you open your hot tap or shower the flow of water is restricted whilst the boiler is adding heat, once the water is up to temperature the combi smart releases it back to full flow. This process saves water and energy. The financial savings are as follows:

£90 in water and £70 in gas totalling £160 a year based on turning hot water from cold 24 times a day for half a year. Please be aware savings have been calculated on estimates which also don’t take in to account varying changes in supply prices.

The combi smart is retrofitted to the hot water outlet pipe under the boiler which a gas engineer will need to do following the instructions that are included.

Shower Regulators

On average a combi boiler will supply between 10 – 12.5 litres of hot water at a comfortable temperature per minute. This shower regulator can be fitted by screwing on to the shower mixer connection after removing the shower hose, the regulator has a male thread for the shower hose to reconnect back on to.

The regulator reduces the flow of water (cold and hot together after being mixed) to 7.5 litres per minute which is still enough not to compromise the showering experience whilst saving energy and water. How does this work? The reduced flow of water means that less is being used and the boiler doesn’t have to work as hard (uses less energy) to provide hot water, the temperature remains the same, but the flow is reduced.

You do not need to be a gas engineer to install one, the procedure is simple as explained above.

Total savings per person showering for eight minutes once a day is circa £70. This is based on estimates which also don’t take in to account varying changes in supply prices.

If you require further information, please call our customer service team on 01482 325 456.