Central Heating Kits

Over recent years there has been a noticeable interest in upgrading Holiday Homes to central heating. To fulfil this demand Morco have introduced a bespoke central heating kitting service, similar to the kits which Morco have been supplying Holiday Home manufacturers since 1998. We also have the capability to design kits to fit Holiday Homes which were originally manufactured without central heating.


Kit Contents:


A kit will include all the components required to install an entire central heating system. The major components are as follows:


Boiler and Flue
Pipe work including the pre-bent copper pipe work which connects to the boiler
Pipe lagging
Radiator valves
Towel rails


To see what a Morco kit in full will look like; look inside a brand-new ABI or Swift Holiday Home!


How to order:


Please send your requirements to us on an email at sales@morcoproducts.co.uk or call our customer services number on 01482 325456 and we will get back to you with a quote. All you will need to specify is the quantity and sizes of radiators and include the type of flue required; we will work out everything else! (It is a good idea to measure the spaces where the radiators will be fixed. We can provide you a list of available sizes to choose from.)




All kits are packed on a pallet. The entire kit is despatched to a chosen delivery address. Multiple kits can be placed on one pallet, but this is dependent on radiator sizes. Kits can also be collected direct from our premises.


For further details, please contact us to discuss your requirements.