Hydraulic Assembly Update

Published: 27th June 2016

Hydraulic Assembly Update

For various reasons beyond our control we are no longer able to supply complete replacement hydraulic assemblies (MCB2191) for our old Morco FEB Combi boilers.

This assembly was a convenient way of fixing a variety of problems, mostly frost damage, and occasionally leaks or diaphragm failure. In reality, only one or two components suffered frost damage, and either a diaphragm or a set of O rings could be replaced individually.

All the components which make up the complete assembly, excepting the plastic moulded parts are still available. There is only one plastic moulded part which was prone to irreparable frost damage and that part has now been re-manufactured, namely the diaphragm housing (MCB2192). The remaining plastic parts never wear out or suffer frost damage.

Thus from now on there are the following options:

1. Purchase a kit of parts which contains all the components which could possibly be required to repair a frost damaged or worn (or both) Hydraulic assembly;

This kit is called a Hydraulic assembly repair kit. It fits ALL models and is part number MCB2193. As pictured above to the right.

It contains the following parts:

MCB2192 Diaphragm Housing.

MCB2256 Diaphragm and spindle O ring kit.

MCB2160 Heat Exchanger.


2. Purchase only the parts required to make the repair;

Typically to repair a leak due to worn parts, only part number (MCB2256) is needed.

For frost damage, either part number (MCB2192) only, or in more severe cases (MCB2160) also will be needed.

A simple frost damage repair will only take a few minutes more than changing over the whole ready assembled unit.

There are videos available in the trouble shooting section of this website which offer engineers guidance. To access this you must login using your TRADE login username and password.

If you don't have one and would like to access these videos, please call our customer service team on 01482 325456 and they will be happy to provide you with a login and password. There are additional benefits of having a login such as 25% discount on appliances and parts with access to more technical information.


Videos to help guide engineers on Morco appliances

Published: 1st December 2015

Videos to help guide engineers on Morco appliances

There are now a range of videos on installing, testing and analysing components on the FEB and GB range of combi boilers. Each film has been carefully edited to provide engineers with all the experience and tricks of the trade that Morco has built up over the years.

1.Changing a diaphragm

2.Checking a working thermistor

3.Checking a faulty thermistor reading

4.Installing a hydraulic assembly

5.Reconfiguring a PCB (MCB3001) to the correct type of boiler

6.Reconfiguring a PCB (MCB3001) to correct gas type

7.Removing a hydraulic assembly

8.Resetting a diverter motor

The videos will help engineers to carry out new tasks as well as tasks with which they are already familiar in a more efficient manner. The videos are located on our website in the troubleshooting section. Just simply log in using your username and password and you will be able to gain full access. The videos are stored on YouTube but you must click on the link from our website to access them. The videos will be provided on memory sticks at our FREE training days.

If you require any help accessing your username and password please call and speak to a member of the customer services team who will assist you.


Free Morco Training

Published: 18th March 2015

Free Morco Training Free Morco Training

We are pleased to announce the success of our new Training and Development Centre which has been built to deliver free training for gas safe engineers on all Morco appliances. The new modern building allows us to be able to invite up to 14 engineers at a time to provide high quality training.

In the past we have trained around 200 engineers per year, but with having more space and better facilities we expect to be able to increase that number to in excess of 300. The free product training is available to any registered Gas Safe person working within the Caravan Park Industry, with the appropriate qualifications, and interested parties should register their interest with us by emailing or phoning the office.

Our aim is to provide practical and high quality product training on Morco appliances. The training is delivered by our own staff, who also man our technical helpline. We offer the training for free because this allows us to reach a much bigger audience and build relationships with a wider circle of engineers. Training builds ability and confidence in our engineers resulting in quicker diagnosis and problem solving, which is a benefit to all of us including the end user.

Meeting so many engineers every year also gives Morco valuable feedback regarding how our equipment is performing in the field, and gives us the opportunity to introduce new products and ideas, such as our new Central Heating Kitting Service.

We are also able to promote the use of our website, which, with a login, (available to anyone in the trade upon request) provides a host of technical information in the form of fact sheets and workshop manuals, as well as our next day spare parts service.

Training courses last a full day. The morning session is classroom based focussing on the theory of boiler operation, fault codes, diagnosis, and familiarisation with key boiler components.

At lunch time a complimentary meal is provided in our excellent local café which gives us all the opportunity to get to know each other and swap ideas and stories.

The afternoon session is workshop based where engineers can work on fully operational boilers practising the theory taught in the morning. We have five boilers working at any one time, all of which are connected to radiator systems. They include the current GB combi boiler series as well as older models including the FEB series and all of our water heater models.

Most day courses major on central heating combi boilers with only a small amount of time on water heaters, but this can be tailored on the day to our audience. In exceptional circumstances we will travel to parks to deliver training, but it is likely to be more theory based, without having the facilities of our training centre.

Once you have registered your interest with us, you will be sent a calendar of our training days which will be between late November and the end of February. Days are filled up on a first come first served basis, though group parties (for example from park groups) can be catered for in advance.

If you would like to receive an invitation for training, or ask about any other service mentioned in this article, please email William Hildyard on or call 01482 325456.

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