October 2018 Newsletter

Published: 23rd October 2018

October 2018 NewsletterOctober 2018 Newsletter

D61B, D61E and G11E Gas Valve Assembly NOW Available

For many years we have been asked to supply a complete gas valve for the D61B, D61E and G11E.

We now have all of these available:

FW0153 - D61B complete gas valve assembly

FW0152 - D61E complete gas valve assembly

FW0154 - G11E complete gas valve assembly

Training dates

This year we are conducting training on the GB24/GB30 ErP SII boiler and a small amount on our new water heaters. Please call 01482325456 for the latest availability for training.

If you would like to book on for one of the above dates, please call Sam on 01482 325456. Please remember that availability is on a first come first serve basis! The training will be held in our training and development centre based in Beverley Yorkshire.

Water Control Assembly Kit

One of our most popular spares (particularly in frost years) has been the D61 water control assembly (FW0163). Sadly due to the demise of our current supplier this is no longer available, although we are close to establishing another supplier. In the mean time we have created a repair kit that features all of the components required to repair frost damage or wear and tear. The new repair kit is coded FW0164 and is position 49 on the Morco website diagram. List price is £35.38 less your usual discounts.

If the water heater has been subjected to the unusual failure mode of a blockage in the water venturi (causing the plastic in the assembly to melt due to overheating), the flow regulator FW0193 will also need to be replaced.


Water Heater Update

Published: 21st August 2018

Water Heater Update

The new Morco water heaters are now available for purchase.

The D61B and D61E have been replaced by a single model called the MP6 - Morco Primo 6 litre water heater. The G11E has been replaced by the MP11 - Morco Primo 11 litre water heater. These must be purchased with the MPFK Fitting/Conversion Kit.

The pilot on both the MP6 and MP11 is ignited by a Piezo button

The flue diameter accepted is 90mm and 110mm respectively - the same as the D61 and G11

The gas valve connection is 1/2 BSP rather than the 3/4 BSP for the D61B and G11

The conversion kit contains a 1/2 BSP gas isolation valve

The MP6 and MP11 are slightly smaller and so will fit in any current cupboard

The usual Morco spares, advice and support will be provided

They feature a gas control knob and a temperature control knob that work in the same way as the D61 and G11

MP6 and MP11 Installation Guide

Within a couple of weeks, we shall have a guide to help engineers replace a D61 and G11 with our new MP6 and MP11. This will include all of the factors to take into consideration during the replacement. This document will be available within the troubleshooting section of our website. Please keep an eye out for it!

The vast majority of spares for the D61B and G11 water heaters will be continue to be stocked by Morco for many years to come.

We will soon be launching an alternative to the F11EL fan flued water heater.

For further information, please call the Sales Office on 01482 325456


FEB-24E Spark generator update

Published: 14th May 2018

The MCB2055 spark generator for the FEB-24E is now obsolete. However, fortunately the MCB3055 spark generator for the FEB-24ED and FEB-24ED3* can be adapted to fit. Instructions are available in the trouble shooting section of our website after logging in. If you don't have a login, please call our customer service team (01482 325456) who will be able to either email or post a copy of the instructions for you.

If you would like a login to our website which provides;

1. Additional technical information

2. Discount on spares and appliances

3. FREE delivery on orders over 60 pounds

4. A direct technical help line

Please feel free to call on 01482 325456 where a member of our customer service team will be happy to help you.

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