New GB Series III Boiler

Published: 10th September 2019

New GB Series III Boiler

We are happy to announce the arrival of the new GB Series III boilers. Just like the SII they are available in a 24KW & 30KW option. The major changes are aesthetic such as the pressure gauge moving into the front facia of the boiler and the display screen moving into the middle in between the control knobs.

This boiler can be flued either horizontally or vertically (flues sold separately) and will require the PKZ Connection Kit for installation.This appliance installs and commissions in exactly the same way as the GB24/30-LPG SII with the exception that the pressure gauge now comes as part of the boiler not in the fitting kit.

If you wish to request further information please contact our customer service team on 01482 325456.


New Room Sealed Water Heaters Now Available

Published: 20th May 2019

New Room Sealed Water Heaters Now AvailableNew Room Sealed Water Heaters Now Available

New EuP regulations came into force last year which state that water heaters must have lower Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) emissions. This water heater is fully EuP compliant, meeting all of the requirements for these regulations.

Horizontal Option

The new EUP11RS is the equivalent to the F11EL. It is EUP compliant with the same power output as the F11EL. It has electronic ignition and is a room sealed, fan flued water heater which means it can be installed in a wide range of locations.

The flues and fitting kits for this new heater are different from those used on the F11EL. The EUP11RS can only be flued horizontally using the RSF503 flue. This cannot be adapted in the field to fit a vertical flue. The fitting kit required is the PKE.

A conversion document to make the replacement of an F11EL with an EUP11RS more straightforward is contained within the fitting/conversion kit and can also be found in our Troubleshooting section.

Vertical Option

The new EUP11RSVERT is almost identical to the EUP11RS but can only be flued vertically using the RSF545 flue and the RSF546 vertical adaptor/clamp kit. This cannot be adapted in the field to fit a horizontal flue.

The fitting kit required is the PKE.


Morco EUP11 Water Heater

Published: 15th April 2019

Morco EUP11 Water Heater

A new Morco water heater is now available for purchase.

The new Morco EUP11 Litre water heater is an EUP compliant direct replacement for the G11E and MP11. The flue diameter is the same at 110mm, so if you are replacing a G11E you can use the existing flue.

The EUP11 has a piezo ignition and is not available with an electronic ignition.

The EUPFK fitting/conversion kit will be required in order to fit the water heater as the gas and water connections are different to those on the G11E and MP11.

The usual Morco spares, advice and support will be provided

A conversion document to make the replacement of a G11 with an EUP11 more straightforward can be found in the troubleshooting section of the website. This is also contained within the EUPFK fitting/conversion kit.

For further information, please call the Sales Office on 01482 325456

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