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Published: 7th April 2014

Over recent months we have noticed a number of customers asking similar questions over the telephone. While we are happy to answer these questions, we feel that it would be more beneficial to our customers if the answers to some of these questions were produced in a written form that would be available on our website. This allows them to be accessed at any time, even outside of office hours, and gives customers the opportunity to see a complete answer to their question without having to worry about missing information delivered over the phone. To this end, we have created a number of fact sheets relating to some of the most frequent queries we receive. We hope that these fact sheets will enable our customers to feel that assistance is available to them whenever they need it and help to keep them fully informed of issues regarding their boilers.

The fact sheets currently available are:

Low Central Heating Pressure â Explains the possible reasons for having low central heating pressure and how to top up the pressure when this occurs

Noisy Combination Boiler â Suggests reasons and remedies for combination boilers which cause excessive noise

Thermostats, Programmers and TRVs â Describes the different types of thermostat and the role of thermostatic radiator valves

Water Heaters â Poor Hot Water Delivery â Explains why water heaters may not be meeting expectations with regard to the quantity of hot water and how this might be alleviated

Winterisation of Holiday Homes â Recommends how best to protect our boilers during the winter months, including a guide to drain down

Retrofitting or Upgrading a Water Heater â A guide to replacing an obsolete appliance, upgrading to a larger capacity water heater, or installing a combi boiler to replace a water heater

Combi Boilers â Poor Hot Water Delivery â Explains why combi boilers may not be meeting expectations with regard to the quantity of hot water and how this might be alleviated

We are continuing to add to this list as and when we discover further situations which our customers find problematic and with which we may be able to help. These fact sheets have been added to our Troubleshooting section and are available to view as .pdf documents.

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