Hydraulic Assembly Update

Published: 27th June 2016

Hydraulic Assembly Update

For various reasons beyond our control we are no longer able to supply complete replacement hydraulic assemblies (MCB2191) for our old Morco FEB Combi boilers.

This assembly was a convenient way of fixing a variety of problems, mostly frost damage, and occasionally leaks or diaphragm failure. In reality, only one or two components suffered frost damage, and either a diaphragm or a set of O rings could be replaced individually.

All the components which make up the complete assembly, excepting the plastic moulded parts are still available. There is only one plastic moulded part which was prone to irreparable frost damage and that part has now been re-manufactured, namely the diaphragm housing (MCB2192). The remaining plastic parts never wear out or suffer frost damage.

Thus from now on there are the following options:

1. Purchase a kit of parts which contains all the components which could possibly be required to repair a frost damaged or worn (or both) Hydraulic assembly;

This kit is called a Hydraulic assembly repair kit. It fits ALL models and is part number MCB2193. As pictured above to the right.

It contains the following parts:

MCB2192 Diaphragm Housing.

MCB2256 Diaphragm and spindle O ring kit.

MCB2160 Heat Exchanger.


2. Purchase only the parts required to make the repair;

Typically to repair a leak due to worn parts, only part number (MCB2256) is needed.

For frost damage, either part number (MCB2192) only, or in more severe cases (MCB2160) also will be needed.

A simple frost damage repair will only take a few minutes more than changing over the whole ready assembled unit.

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